Using GPS Auto Tracker Technology

If you are a fleet manager for a corporation or a small business that that has delivery or service vehicles on the road each day then GPS Auto tracker  technology  applied correctly will save you money every day. Ever wonder why one vehicle has almost twice the miles and maintenance costs of the average vehicle […]

What Makes Information Security Important

The importance of the security of your home can never be overstated. Without it, your residence becomes more vulnerable to burglars and unwanted visitors. In this modern, technological world, however, there’s a new form of burglary or break-in that’s virtual in nature: illegal data access. We’ve heard of hundreds of stories of computers and networks […]

Is Your Career On Technology Overload?

In a time of fallout, mergers, reorganizations and downsizing how is it that a host of IT and IS professionals consistently propel their careers upward and others take a series of lateral moves? They may be thinking like a  technology  expert and not like a business partner. In a recent survey by RHI Consulting, […]

Technology Outsourcing and Domestic Consequences

The increase of human capital in developing countries has impacted the United State’s workforce through domestic firms’ increasing overseas subcontracting. The industries specializing in information technology have been utilizing this increase of foreign human capital the most. From a study of 179 IT managers a reported 69% outsource their information technology services (Outsourcing statistics). This […]